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eNews Issue 3, September 2012ub

Lean Healthcare

UB TCIE’s Lean Sigma Blue Belt program is enhancing patient care at Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center and better aligning the institution with federal and state government regulations to avoid penalties and reimbursement losses. The greater Niagara community’s premier health network is addressing noise level, heart failure patient readmissions and x-ray processing time. » Read the case study here

Barriers to Achieving Operational Excellence

Quality management strategies are in place, and operational excellence is at the forefront of all operations. But are some of your actions – or lack thereof – compromising fulfillment of your company’s performance objectives? The ideal operational excellence framework gives full consideration to the capabilities of people, processes and technology.

Read about the top five quality management mistakes that stand in the way of success.

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TCIE Fall Programs

We’re offering a slate of business improvement courses this fall that are designed to help professionals improve their individual job performance, as well as the company they work for. Courses range from 3-Day ISO 9001:2008 Internal Auditor training to certified courses in Lean and Six Sigma. » More

UB and the Military: A Data Study

University at Buffalo researchers are working on computer models to help the U.S. military process massive amounts of data. Work focuses on developing new tools to help the Department of Defense better process data from sources such as remote satellites, unmanned aerial vehicles and soldier observations. » More

Retaining Customers: Modern-Tec Manufacturing of Cambria, NY, a CNC machine shop founded in 2010 that has 18 employees - sought ISO 9001:2008 Standard assistance when a core customer required its suppliers be certified. The resulting ISO-certified compliancy is allowing for a continued business relationship and opening the door to other client opportunities. » More
Strengthening a Lean Approach: A corporate Lean program was already under way at Aurubis when employees at the Buffalo, NY, plant were exposed to a different way of reducing waste and increasing yields. Nine years later, the manufacturer of large copper and brass coils has embraced Six Sigma to strengthen its continuous improvement culture. » More

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