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1. Overcoming pandemic challenges to deliver industry projects
Since September, seven UB engineering students have each spent a good chunk of their time applying the Six Sigma structured method to solve a specific, recurring company problem. Spring break briefly brought the home stretch into sight. Then, within a matter of days, the coronavirus and ensuing shutdowns blurred the view. They persevered by relying on flexibility, creativity and project management skills to provide solutions.
UB TCIE's Peter Baumgartner, far right, mentors Fanni Kozma and Manimanjari Vemula at Sumitomo Rubber USA.
2. Small businesses advance with quality management
As a vice president of customer quality at Optel Inc., Joel Radford is attuned to and immersed in ISO and its requirements for quality assurance. Eighty miles away at B&W Heat Treating Co., President Kevin Calvello doesn’t have the bandwidth to frequently check the company’s quality management system against ISO edicts. Two small companies with different levels of ISO experience, but they are similar in one way: they periodically rely on quality management expertise from UB TCIE
3. Startups contributing to PPE effort
About two and a half years ago, startups Innosek and Tresca Design each signed a contract to receive UB student engineering assistance at a subsidized rate through the Strategic Partnership for Industrial Resurgence grant. Now both are helping to produce personal protective equipment in the fight against COVID-19. If not for the grant and TCIE, they might be playing a diminished role in supporting the effort – or none at all. 
4. Amid coronavirus crisis, look to ISO
Standard operating procedures are an integral aspect for any business adhering to an ISO standard. Yet here we are, dealing with a pandemic that has upended every facet of life, and we have no detailed work instructions to pull our businesses through such harrowing times. We can look to the rigor of ISO for some guidance
5. Changing policy with continuous improvement tools
Dianne Notaro works to give UB School of Dental Medicine patients a voice and ensure they receive the best care. Quality improvement skills are a must, and she is boosting hers with the aid of TCIE’s professional education. Expanding her repertoire is paying off: by leveraging course learnings, she is influencing policy changes.
6. Fostering a Lean culture
A waste-reducing attitude has always been present at North Forest Office Space. As the Williamsville-based company is on pace to double in size within just a few years, it has strategically turned to a formal set of tools and methods to avoid major growing pains. The avenue? Tactical implementation of the Lean methodology.
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