Professional Development

Lean Product Design


From short workshops to in-depth certification courses, our educational programs encompass the methodologies that guide you and your organization to unlocking greater potential. Elevate your proficiency with tools to eliminate waste, improve cash flow, increase throughput – in short, positively influence your company’s P&L statement. Facilitators with broad industry experience integrate theory, hands-on activities and real examples to help you achieve personal mastery. Whether you seek a classroom format, a blend of traditional education and online learning, or a one-on-one approach with personal mentoring, TCIE’s delivery is based on your terms and scheduling needs. In addition, programs can be tailored for private, on-site delivery.


What our students say:

“Solid content, practical and very transportable.”

“The instructor is very engaging and encouraging. He helped me understand the content and was patient, especially since I have never done anything like this before.”

“I like that the past experience of the instructor relates to the material. Real-life examples help prove the methodology works.”

“The instructor found a way to make three days of training enjoyable. The interaction and enthusiasm, as well as expertise, was great.”

“It gave me many tools to use in my job and department to be more efficient, and helped me to see many things from a different perspective. It gave me a lot to think about.”

“I thought the course would serve as a review, but I learned many more new tools to use.”

“I cannot stop talking about this class with my co-workers, family and anyone who will listen.”

“This course will have a life-changing result. At home, work and play – the methods apply everywhere.”