Intellectual Property (IP) Web-based Program:
What every business and technical leader needs…

Simply, to be in business today, we must all speak the language of IP.  We need a basic understanding of patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade-secrets, licensing, patent trolls, defensive publishing, and other critical forms and tactics of IP.  But, only the basics.

Our Certificate Program contains:

  • Web-based system to track your progress
  • Short courses that quickly present only what you need to know about IP
  • High quality video & audio production with engaging colors, sound, and music
  • Presenters with both the technical expertise and high energy to keep your interest

Who should take our IP certificate program?

  • Corporate, Business, and Technical Professionals
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Research and Development
  • Engineering
  • Independent Inventors and Entrepreneurs
  • Non-IP Lawyers
  • Students and Faculty

Course Curriculum:

  • Module One: What is a Patent?
  • Module Two: What is Patent Infringement?
  • Module Three: How can you have a Patent and still not be able to make your Patented Product?
  • Module Four: What is a Patent Fence and why should you be concerned about it?
  • Module Five: What are Patent Trolls and why should they scare you to death?
  • Module Six: Trade Secrets and Confidentiality
  • Module Seven: Publishing and Defensive Publications
  • Module Eight: What is Prior Art and why is Prior Art important to my business?
  • Module Nine: Patent Assignment and Licensing
  • Module Ten: Business Relationships and their Impact on IP Ownership

Instructor Bio: Thomas Colson, Esq

Mr. Colson brings years of experience in engaging and motivating audiences all over the world; corporations, governments, entrepreneurs, and students.  Additionally, because of his experiences as an intellectual property lawyer (both in-house counsel and litigation counsel), inventor (five US patents and a children’s book series), and business leader (founder and CEO of Executive IP; and founder and former CEO of, he brings business and technical professionals three critical views of intellectual property.