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Intellectual Property Breakfast Seminar:
What every business and technical leader needs…


Commercialization of the Internet has increased intellectual property opportunities and risks……
Intellectual Property has emerged as more than just a worldwide business tool; it is now a worldwide weapon of business…..

We must all speak the language of Intellectual Property.

  • Intellectual property now touches every part of a business and copyrights have moved back into the mainstream.
  • Patents are assets that can build fortunes for some and destroy others.
  • Trademarks now spread across the world in seconds, and trademark infringement can be detected in seconds.
  • With the Internet and frequent job changes, trade secrets are harder than ever to keep, but with the pace of innovation, they are more valuable.

Our vocabulary is growing everyday with new terms that intersect with intellectual property; terms that all business and technical leaders must understand to be part of the conversation.

To be part of the conversation, we must have a basic knowledge of patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade-secrets, licensing, patent trolls, defensive publishing, and other critical forms and tactics of IP. But, we don’t need to be experts. We simply need understand the basics. We need to know just enough to reduce our risks and see opportunities.

You can begin to speak the language of IP by coming to this session………

Presenter: Thomas Colson, Esq.

Mr. Colson brings years of experience in engaging and motivating audiences all over the world; corporations, governments, entrepreneurs, and students. Additionally, because of his experiences as an intellectual property lawyer (both in-house counsel and litigation counsel), inventor (five US patents and a children’s book series), and business leader (founder and CEO of Executive IP; and founder and former CEO of, he brings business and technical professionals three critical views of intellectual property.

Seminar Schedule:

Date: February 25, 2014
Time: 8 – 10am
Venue: Ramada Hotel (formerly University Inn)